milk packaging final project.

I’ve been moonlighting as a graphic design instructor for the last few years at local community colleges. So far just teaching Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. It’s been a very challenging job for me, as I don’t like being the center of attention. I like the students that don’t pay attention in class because I know they are judging my public speaking ability!

Anyway, I’ve been using these milk carton design samples from to do the same project with my students. I love the idea of designing Milk. So far I’ve had the same initial reaction from all my students — “just milk?” But in the end they see how much fun the project can be.

School portfolio

And while I was putting the above project together, I rooted through my school portfolio that had been boxed up for years, looking for good mounting examples. Ha, wouldn’t you know that the spray mount is still holding after almost 10 years. Jeff Lush, where ever you are, you taught me well. You can’t use too much spray mount! Anyway, here are a a couple images of the old portfolio.

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Link Share v.2

Another year of collecting random links has passed. has changed to, less creative, but easier to spell I admit. It’s amazing how quickly the modern world changes. Scrolling through my old links, I found TwitPic saved, b/c in September 2008 it was new and I didn’t want to forget the URL should I ever have a use for such a service.

So for you geeks out there, bored at work, with time to kill, I hope I can show you something new and entertaining.
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David Clifford Biz Cards featured on

Good news this morning, my second featured design on As I’ve mentioned before, they only post designs they deem worthy, so to have one selected is an honor.

Check out the link, and please vote it up if you like it.
David Clifford Photography Business Card

A little background on this card design:
The client is David Clifford Photography, located in Carbondale, CO. We wanted a card that was simple and to the point on the front; so only the contacts name and logo are located there with a subtle hint to the image on the other side. The back side fully shows off David Clifford’s talents with a powerful image and his contact. Thanks to David in this design because his photographs really make it.

Design Play: Stroked text in Illustrator.

I just finished following a great little tutorial at Veerle’s Blog. It’s amazing how many little tools you can find in the CS3 programs even when you are considered an “expert”.

I immediately wanted to play with the technique. Here is what I came up with:

New icon for Cowboy.

New icon for Cowboy.

The significant part about this technique is that the text remains fully editable. So when I edit the words and the effect will remain unchanged. Sweet!

Ovid Nine draws the best X.


It’s done! Conglomerfont is a free font created by myself and the design community from all over the world, on nearly every continent via email. I asked people to send individual letters to my inbox, and I coagulated the submissions into a single font, hence the name, Conglomerfont.

Ovid Nine submitted the Capitol X! Check out and download the font for free at Bittbox.

My 10 Most Recent Posts

This is my first blog “List”. Nothing fancy, just my 10 most recent posts to
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