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Another year of collecting random links has passed. Del.icio.us has changed to Delicious.com, less creative, but easier to spell I admit. It’s amazing how quickly the modern world changes. Scrolling through my old links, I found TwitPic saved, b/c in September 2008 it was new and I didn’t want to forget the URL should I ever have a use for such a service.

So for you geeks out there, bored at work, with time to kill, I hope I can show you something new and entertaining.

Myth of the Page Fold
Content is king, just make sure your king isn’t based on old wives tales.

PickUp Pal
Road trip on a budget? Pick up a new friend or grab a ride.

Hide All Mac Desktop Icons
Prove how minimalist you are with this little hack from OS X Daily.

Free Icons
It’s always good to have a few fresh, new and free resources.

Current Logo Trends in 2009
A good read on logo trends to help improve your work and spark your imagination.

Vintage Websites
Remember when you first discovered animated gifs?

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