Are you a Pretty Bird?

Ah, Twitter. Sounding board to the masses. Do you Tweet? How often, and what about? The focus, relevancy and frequency of Tweets is in constant discussion regarding what make a successful Twat.

In a medium so focused on the message, and what you have to say, people often forget about the visual. Is your Twitter page attractive? Sure, a lot of people ad contact info and ads to their pages. But regularly they are bland or boring if not downright ugly.

In a see of little boxes, little boxes made of ticky-tacky, does your User Picture look just the same? I made mine lighter, with extra open space to stand out. Then added my condensed web address in case anyone wants to look me up.

Having a well designed Twitter background is a great way to show off your brand, pass along important info, and make a lasting impression to visitors. Smashing Magazine put together a great showcase of some very nice looking Twitter accounts.

Another oft forgotten element of Tweeting is your User Picture. For a personal account used simply to communicate with friends, a self portrait is sufficient. However, DO NOT use a picture of your child or pet unless they use the account as well! Please, this is “you” speaking, or typing, whatever.

If you are using your account for work, an image of your logo often gets the job done. Other users can quickly view your User Picture to identify who a Tweet is from quickly and accurately. However, if you are trying to reach more quickly to a market that Tweets heavily. And if you would like you message to be viewed in a timely manner, consider creating a picture/icon that can be more quickly identified when lined up with 10, 20, 50 others. Show what you do, or at least where you are from.

A little more interesting than the standard Twitter page with contact info on the left, and a little about what I do on the right.

With more and more companies and personalities joining Twitter daily, the competition is getting more fierce. When you look at your Twitter page and User image, do they stand out? Where they professionally done? Should they be?

Taking my own advice, I’ve recently redone the Ovid Nine Twitter “brand.” Take a look and let me know if you’d like me to help you with yours.

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