milk packaging final project.

I’ve been moonlighting as a graphic design instructor for the last few years at local community colleges. So far just teaching Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. It’s been a very challenging job for me, as I don’t like being the center of attention. I like the students that don’t pay attention in class because I know they are judging my public speaking ability!

Anyway, I’ve been using these milk carton design samples from to do the same project with my students. I love the idea of designing Milk. So far I’ve had the same initial reaction from all my students — “just milk?” But in the end they see how much fun the project can be.

School portfolio

And while I was putting the above project together, I rooted through my school portfolio that had been boxed up for years, looking for good mounting examples. Ha, wouldn’t you know that the spray mount is still holding after almost 10 years. Jeff Lush, where ever you are, you taught me well. You can’t use too much spray mount! Anyway, here are a a couple images of the old portfolio.

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